It is our desire to be the church in our communities. There is a haunting question that plagues church leadership; “Would your community miss you if you were gone tomorrow?” This question centers the church’s perspective, focus, and mission. How can you help a city around you if you can’t even help your neighbors? One of the largest goals for our Missional Communities is to serve and help the local community around us.

This means that although we meet to pray and study God’s Word together, we also gather to serve those around us. It is our hope and our  goal that our Missional Communities would have the compassion, courage, and imagination to be the church serving and affecting the community in which we live, work, and play. We attend a Church Gathering, but we also actively go and be the church engaging our communities. We engage and serve not as a means to boost attendance, but rather to do and be what God has asked of us.

If you would like to help the community around you, or join our Missional Community, that meets Thursdays from 6-7:30 PM, then please email us and we would love to help you do so.




On average, 4500 churches close down a year in the U.S, with around 4000 new church plants a year. The average is that of those 4000 that start 80% of them will “fail” within the first two years.

Christianity is at a dire stage in America. We are no longer characterized as a “Christian Nation,” but as a “Post-Christian” nation. Only about 40% in society is open to even considering going to a church building. That means that there are around 60% in society that want nothing to do with religion. How, at this state, can we say what we have been doing is working? We are too close to the definition of insanity in our churches, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 
Something needs to change. If we define the church as just a place for christians to gather, then that is all it will ever be. The church is God’s people sent together to be missionally engaged. It’s the presence of Jesus among his people called out as a spiritual family to pursue His mission. As we do this, we gather to celebrate what Christ did for us on the cross and what He is currently doing. 



The Beginning

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We overlook the everyday things that happen around us. We are more burdened by them than anything else. As a society, we need to move beyond the “just trying to get by” mentality into one of love, caring, collaboration, and community. PorchCulture wants to embody community. We believe it begins ...




The church is the extension of family on mission. Our families and our homes should be places where people can experience a foretaste of heaven, where the church is rightly viewed as a community of the redeemed from all walks of life. Instead, our fears restrict us from letting go of the control and safety we have spent years cultivating. However, the view of community we want we get by being involved in our neighborhoods. That God, Creator of all, hung out in a regular neighborhood doing regular things for thirty years without anyone noticing is simply staggering. 
Jesus moved into the neighborhood, so we do also. It’s more than just a geographical thing. It’s time for christians to stop viewing people as lesser because they don’t know Christ when christians are the ones viewed as out of touch and awkward in society rather than those who influence those around them for the better. The fact is whether christian or not people need people and everyone has a neighbor. It’s our goal for neighborhoods to be places of community and sharing life again. That we all may be the proverbial porch and begin to gather people in and around our lives.

If interested in connecting with your neighborhood or connecting further with us email here and check out Nextdoor.com.



We seek to rethink and redefine the nature of the church and create a new paradigm in which churches are seen as missional in nature.

PorchCulture is working at being a Missional Church plant. We seek to rethink and redefine the nature of the church and create a new paradigm in which churches are seen as missional in nature, instead of attractional in nature. Instead of churches attempting to attract people through church programs, churches should instead take the gospel outside of the church and engage society with the gospel, often by being involved not only in missions and evangelism but in the everyday things. We define ourselves in terms of its mission — being sent ones who take the gospel to and incarnate the gospel within a specific cultural context. We currently have a split identity in these beginning phases.
 Renew Communities is a church in Berea, OH that is very similar to what we aspire to in approach and philosophies. We are part of their larger Worship Gathering that meets on Sunday mornings. Currently we continue to grow in our Missional Community in Parma, OH. It is our desire to see this Missional Community reproduce many times throughout the area to then gather in  a larger context for a Sunday service that we would call our Worship Gathering here in Parma, OH. We want to be people who gather as a response to our Missional Communities on mission. Being the church, not just attending it.




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